Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Until the thoughts are relinquished

by Sorin Atanasiu

Can you live a whole life in uncertainty ? Well, I’m afraid you have no options. There are no options. At least in this moment, if you ask the same question
Philosophy is the best indicator that a person knows nothing. It is the state of not having certitudes. It is the condition of not knowing. Most humans live in this state.
Knowing means not inquiring.
The traveler through concepts will develop an imaginary path. Philosophy, however, is a natural habitat in which you just acknowledge yourself having a desire for knowing. Behind Philosophy there is a desire. There is a need. There is an urge.

Even if you get the best arguments to prove your existence, you still might be in doubt about it. I mean, you can exist in someone else’s dream, or maybe your bodily death means a total end of yours. We don’t know. So, the fleeting character of human life abolishes any compensatory thoughts of being certain about your existence in this moment. What do I care if I exist now, as long as I would stop existing at some point ? Do I exist only for 30, 40 years ? What comfort should I take in this ? None, of course. I’m either immortal, or I do not care about my transient being ! Seriously.
The imminence of despair is justifiable. It is the sign that you’ve had enough of it. You should stop inquiring using the mind. There is no breathing exercise, there is no therapy in this world to answer to the most vital questions a human being can ask. I witness the absolute bankruptcy of any philosophy or therapy. Because they don’t have answers. They can’t have answers. They are wallowing within the mind. They are conditioned by the mind because they deal exclusively with the mind. And my restlessness aims outside the mind. So, how the hell can they answer me ? Telling me words and/or concepts !? My own experience with reasoning lead me nowhere.

What’s that big shit you want to achieve in your life time ? Any answer is utterly unsatisfactory. It either relates to thoughts expressed sometimes into material forms, or feelings. Either way is unsatisfactory. And both are contents of your mind. That is the chief reason I will leave my mind behind. It’s a tool that no longer serves me. It takes me nowhere. I shall use it only when it’s necessary. Reason being the only condition for this world and its inhabitants to function in this form (you still need a job to pay the bills etc..).

Philosophy is the journey that mind takes in itself. Not outside itself. Through Philosophy, one can learn exclusively about the contents of his own mind. Philosophy can not pass through the mind's boundaries. So, what can you achieve through Philosophy? In the best case, one can reach a way out of the mind. Otherwise, it will linger on inside the mind for eons. Can a thought become a saviour ? No. There is no thought that can save you. The best thoughts can only point out a way to escape from the mind. Thoughts can not offer you redeeming. The thinking mind should be recognized as an inextricable matrix. A concept leads you into another concept, and so on forever. Am I in the middle of a spiritual crisis ? Of course, I am; I’ve always been. LOL !!

Hare Krishna !
Thank you

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